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product photography or ecommerce photography refers to the act of capturing attractive and accurate photographs of products with the intent of advertising their sale and inducing customer satisfaction.

Although the process seems easy, there’s no denying that eCommerce photography is one of the most important parts of the sale. If you’ve ever been scrolling through the large volume of advertisements sent to us from various businesses, you understand this is true. A lot of what we pay attention to as we skim through text are the pictures of the products we find interesting. Most of the time, it’s the first stepping stone consumers need to purchase a product.

How Effective Is Ecommerce Photography?

93% of consumers rank visual appearance highly in deciding whether to make a purchase, according to studies conducted by Justuno.

The images of products tell us more about what we’re getting than any description. It might sound superficial, but a good product image reflects the quality of an item. Without an image of the item, how can we know what we’re buying? Regardless of how good your item is, it’s impossible for us to feel confident in our purchase without actually seeing the item.

The images of products tell us more about what we’re getting than any description. It might sound superficial, but a good product image reflects the quality of an item. Without an image of the item, how can we know what we’re buying? Regardless of how good your item is, it’s impossible for us to feel confident in our purchase without actually seeing the item.

In fact, according to an Etsy study, around 90% of survey respondents felt that high-quality eCommerce images were crucial to determining whether or not they would make a purchase.

In other words, if the image you include with your merchandise online is of poor quality, how does that reflect on the product itself? In contrast, a well-made photograph tells a lot about your product – how it looks, how it works, how well it is made. If you’re going to show us what you’re about to sell, make sure it is something we’ll want to buy.

In addition, the quality of your product images can also tell a lot about your company, namely the time and attention they devote to its online presence. If you are not capable of taking a good picture of your product, what does that say about the state of your company? This is something to keep in mind when you post products on the internet.

Is Ecommerce Photography The Right Strategy For You?

Most likely, yes. This answer originating from the fact that product photography can be done using several techniques, and strategies. For example :

  • Display your product in a studio against a plain background. Simple, effective, and eye-catching.
  • The picture that shows not just the product, but also its labelling and packaging.
  • Lifestyle – a picture showing your product in action. Informative and reassuring.
  • This allows your consumers to get a good, close-up view of a part of your product, typically that detail is at the point of purchase.
  • A group of products arranged together. Excellent for promoting bundles, or for advertising multiple items simultaneously in an advertisement or on your site.
  • Keeping your customers aware of the size. Avoids uncertainty and dissatisfaction when accompanied by descriptions.
  • Concept – an image that showcases how a product is used or made. Great at building connections between your target audience and your product.
    All of these

There are a variety of methods you can use to deliver your product online, depending on what it is that you are selling and to whom. To summarize, if you’re selling a product, chances are you’ll be able to take one of these types of shots. Have at least one on your site to promote a sale.

That said, if you’re trying to sell video software or something similar, a video may be a better choice than a static image, but similar tips apply.

That’s Great, but How Can You Take Great Product Photos?

Now that you’re all ready to work on photographing your product for eCommerce, here are a few helpful tips:

1 – Choose a style that is appropriate for your product

Have a look at the list to the left, and decide what style would suit your product best. This means that you need to think about what your customers want. After deciding on how to present your product, think about its selling points. You might want to take a few different photos using different techniques before deciding which captures it best – or just use all of them!

2 – Align With The Company’s Style

Keep your company’s style in mind if you already have a website up and running, or if you already have a few items up for sale with pictures.
Your business will look more professional if you maintain consistency. Furthermore, if people see your product advertised at a store or on another website, they will immediately think of your company.
In addition, taking a photo of the product in the same style as that of another successful product gives the perception that this product will be just as good.
Keeping a record of how your photos were taken can be useful for the duration of your shoot and for future shoots.

3 – Get More Inspiration From Other Photos

Creating product photography can be difficult when trying to figure out what to do. Refer to other photography of your product or ones you’ve done in the past to see what’s been successful and what’s not.

Promote Your Product With Ecommerce Photography

Sharing user-generated content is one of the best ways to show off your product. Product photography doesn’t have to be professional. By displaying (positive) photos taken by previous buyers, you can boost consumer confidence in your products and make them more likely to buy.
You can boost the connection between your company and its customers by using user-generated content.
Because of the amateur nature of such photos, it is best to use them as a bonus to your professional product photos.

Using eCommerce product photography has never been more important in an era of internet dwellers and online shopping. More than 20% of the world’s population is now buying online, so getting started with eCommerce couldn’t be better, and using product photography is a great way to get started.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Ecommerce Product Photography

What Is Ecommerce Photography?

Ecommerce product photography is a subindustry of ecommerce that deals with developing high quality, commercially viable images of products for the purpose of presenting them online for sale.

A Photoshoot for an Ecommerce Site Costs How Much?

You can expect to pay about $25 per shot if you purchase lots of 100 or more product images. Smaller batches will cost more per picture. The cost of 10 pictures might be $50 each. You will also need to transport the products to and from your agency.

How Much Money Can an Ecommerce Photographer Make?

Currently, the most recent annual salaries for Ecommerce Photographers range from $23,500 (25th percentile) to $35,000 (75th percentile) with the average annual salary (90th percentile) reaching up to $75,000.

When I Photograph Products, How Much Should I Charge?

In general, hourly rates range anywhere from $25 to more than $500, although the average is between $94 and $262. A photographer may prefer to charge this way if you have a wide range of needs.

Is Product Photography Profitable?

Product photography covers a lot of ground, from innumerable genres. It’s an easy, lucrative field to get into. There’s one thing all companies have, and that’s a product to sell. Therefore, companies need websites where they can display images of their products.

How Can Product Photography Be So Expensive?

A photographer in the United States owns all images they take. They can choose to sign over full rights to a client, or license them for specific uses. Increasing the use of the images and thereby increasing the number of people who will see them will result in higher licensing costs.

How can I find clients for ecommerce product photography?

figure out what aspects of studio photography or location work you’re best at.
as you do your research, keep in mind to look for large-scale companies that have a large product range. they are likely to need regular photographs in order to fill up the space in their catalogue with more options or to expand their catalogue with more items.
contact companies that produce catalogs. It is likely that the company either produces their own catalogs in-house or commission photographers through design consultants.
in addition to your resume, it would be a good idea to also create a website of your portfolio. Organize your photographs into categories so that clients can easily compare them to their project needs.
5You can submit your photographs to libraries, where they will be used by marketing agencies that don’t have a budget for original photography.

What Is the Best Way to Get My First Client for Product Photography?

Start by speaking with your friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, and people that you can trust. Talk to people you know and talk to people you know. Offer them free or discounted photo sessions as part of your business development plans.