Google Introduces Ai-Based Functionalities to Its Docs and Gmail Services

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Google has revealed plans to provide developers and businesses with generative AI capabilities through its Google Cloud and MakerSuite services. Additionally, the company is introducing new AI-powered features to Google Workspace. Google explains in a blog post that it has been investing in AI for many years and is dedicated to making the technology accessible to everyone, whether through research or practical applications.

Introduction of AI-Powered Writing Features in Google Workspace

Google has revealed the addition of new AI-based writing features to its Google Workspace suite, aimed at making writing easier for users. These features enable users to quickly create a draft by simply typing in the topic in Gmail or Google Docs. The draft can then be edited and refined for tone, length, and professionalism.

Google’s Safe and User-Friendly PaLM API and MakerSuite for Developers

Google has announced the launch of its PaLM API for developers, providing a secure and user-friendly way to build on top of its best language models. The API includes the MakerSuite tool, which enables developers to rapidly prototype their ideas. As time goes on, MakerSuite is set to offer more advanced features, such as synthetic data generation, custom-model tuning, and prompt engineering, all supported by strong safety measures.

Google Cloud’s Introduction of Generative AI Capabilities

Google Cloud is now offering generative AI capabilities to developers who wish to create and customize their own models and applications. Google’s AI models, including PaLM, are available to developers on Google Cloud. These generative AI capabilities have been introduced to enhance the safety, security, and privacy of enterprise-level applications and services.

Google’s AI Partnerships and Programs Expansion

Google has revealed its plans for expanding its AI ecosystem and specialized programs aimed at technology partners, AI-focused software providers, and startups. Trusted testers can now access Vertex AI with Generative AI support and the Generative AI App Builder as part of these initiatives.

In Conclusion

Google’s introduction of new generative AI capabilities in Google Cloud, the PaLM API, and MakerSuite, as well as the AI-powered features in Google Workspace, offer a more accessible and streamlined approach to exploring and prototyping generative AI applications.

These features not only save time and effort but also make AI more accessible to everyone. With the expansion of Google’s AI ecosystem and specialized programs, the company continues to demonstrate its commitment to making AI more accessible for all.

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