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Why Copywriting Is The Swiss-Army Knife For Marketing

Concision, precision, readability” is the web editor’s motto. A maxim perfectly integrated by our editorial agency, which has made a specialty of finding the right words and the perfect mix to express the full potential of your offers and products. A few photos, a touch of video, a pinch of computer graphics: that’s your web content ready to be served!

Whatever your project: creation of landing pages, redesign of existing sections, proposal of thematic content, production of lexicons, creation of blog articles, diary writing… Brandria integrates into your web strategy and boosts your site to improve its natural referencing and acquire new customers.


Your content is not an isolated piece of your marketing strategy. In existent, it becomes the missing piece of your communication puzzle, badly mastered it serves the whole of your communication.

In web content writing, knowing how to write is not enough to hold the attention of Internet users and to be well positioned in Google search results. Writing for the web cannot be improvised. For your content to be read, shared, appreciated and visible on Google, it must meet the needs and expectations of Internet users, but also the requirements of search engines.

Content written for the web goes straight to the point and exploits all the multimedia possibilities offered by the web (photos, computer graphics, videos, hypertext links, etc.). It must arouse and then maintain the reader’s interest in order to encourage him to continue browsing. The dynamics of the text, the rhythm of the sequence of sentences. 

Thanks to a journalistic sensibility, a literary fiber and a team of editors dedicated to each theme, our content writing agency adapts its writing style to your target audience and to a whole range of editorial tones: humorous, poetic, scientific popularization, playful, sustained or offbeat.

We adapt the texts we write to your objectives, your interlocutors, the positioning, the image and the universe of your company. We always think of your contents in a complementary way, text, video, sound and image, in order to get your message across in the best possible way.

Syntax errors, typos in the text or poorly controlled punctuation can not only discredit you in the eyes of your customers, but also penalize your Google referencing.

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