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Virtual reality is frustrating for those who are new to it.But we make it simple at Brandria

Virual Reality From Brandria

Virtual and Augmented Reality Services

A technology emerges and within a few months it has become an indispensable need. Welcome to virtual reality (VR)! It is often associated with video games, yet it is not only used to immerse oneself in an unusual universe.

Companies regularly use it in marketing, training or even in their daily offices. In its early days, it has distinguished itself as a technology for entertainment, but it is becoming omnipresent because of its immense capabilities. Attention the immersion begins, welcome in a new universe for the greatest pleasure of your activity.

This technology first won the hearts of video game enthusiasts. It allows you to be totally immersed in an environment. Whether the experience is futuristic or realistic, users are very often amazed by the emotions generated, it is even sometimes almost impossible to tell the difference with reality. With the help of a helmet that is placed in front of the eyes, users embark on extraordinary experiences.


Complementary Services in Our Field of Expertise

Brandria can offer you other immersive digital technology services, from augmented reality to custom development of immersive mobile applications.

Add layers of augmented reality in your projects, whether virtual reality or other.

Augmented reality will allow you to offer an even more enriching experience.

Build customer loyalty and increase team performance with interactive virtual training tools that include reality, virtual reality event simulation, first aid scenarios and more. You have an idea in mind, we make it happen for you.

We offer a 360° support for the design and realization of immersive experiences adapted to your needs. At the heart of innovation, we guide you through the latest available technologies: 3D virtual reality films, interactive experiences, personalized hub in the image of your company, multi-platform broadcasting and multi-headset broadcasting software developed by the Reality studio.

A Virtual Reality studio  at Brandria specializes in the design and delivery of immersive experiences designed to meet your needs.

We realize your Virtual Reality application 100% customized. The choice of the format depends on the support you choose, whether in terms of functionality (movement, interactions) or expected performance.

We take charge of the entire process of creating a VR project for a tailor-made result: Storyboard, graphic design, modeling of elements and 3D environments, interactivity, creation of VR applications for the different Virtual Reality headsets (Oculus Go, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive Pro, Samsung Gear VR, Lenovo, etc.) and provision of our broadcasting software (Multiplayer, multi-headset broadcasting, etc.).

Virtual reality is a way to share unique and original experiences that will reach all audiences: professionals, customers or the general public. We are committed to creating true brand experiences through strategic and technical support tailored to your needs. Take the opportunity to dive into the heart of innovation and explore this new way to communicate and engage!

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