Market Research Services in Cairo, Egypt

Research helps us understand your audience needs in order to achieve your marketing objectives


Digital Research

Even in the digital age, where a great deal of information is available through a simple Web search, research practices of discovery and execution require a systematized approach and knowledge of marketing to produce qualitative and structural results for business decision making. To develop an effective brand position, identify differentiating messaging, and create distinctive Web assets, it is essential that you assess the market, assess the competition, and analyze the customer. At Brandria, we offer a variety of research services depending on the breadth and depth of your needs.

Digital Analytics

To understand the likely motivations and anticipated behaviors of your target market, Brandria employs qualitative and quantitative research to create accurate content. Our knowledge of the best methods of Web traffic and use analysis is employed to understand who is currently visiting your site and who you want to visit your site. We use the latest in online research tools, such as polling, to develop messaging and brand strategies to distinguish you from your competitors.

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We do all Research

We have a vast experience with market research and can undertake original research if needed.  We don’t forget the importance of internal research either. Most often we find the key to igniting a campaign, brand or organisation is to be found internally.

Our Market Research Services at Brandria Include


Website traffic and use analysis

Customer surveys and interviews

Competitor research and analysis

Online polling


Market Research

Qualitative research

Focus group testing

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