Technology Services in Cairo Egypt

Integrating today's latest technologies to increase business productivity

How to Choose Your Strategic Orientations and Your Investments in Digital?

Customization, Integration & Automation

Let your company run faster, more efficient & integrate with more systems

Technology continues to transform the way people and businesses work, yet changes occur so fast that it’s hard to keep up with what’s the latest, most efficient, modern and popular technology solutions in the market.

At Brandria, we’ll help evaluate your company’s work structure, processes, and efficiency and suggest new or alternative ways to integrate technology in your business; By customizing existing or new software solutions, integrating it with other solutions and automating tasks that can save you time and hassle.

Custom Web Development

Have unique technology challenges? We’ll solve them!

Our professional web development programming team has 20+ years of combined experience building custom web-based software applications. This refers to systems and web solutions built from scratch, specifically to meet your exact business and technology challenges.

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Automate & Sync Everything

Integration of all your web-based systems

Spend less time doing manual tasks, and let us help you automate just about every web-based task. Our technology expert (Our geek, our founder) loves to find the strengths of various specific systems, integrates them together and develops a super power system for your business.

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Digitize Your Work Processes

Work smarter, faster and keep track of everything easily

Our team loves technology, and how it helps everyone stay more organized and work more efficiently. We help many small businesses who still manage their numbers in Excel, or worse have lots of paperwork. Let us help you join the 21st century tech world!

Customer Relationship Management Systems

CRM Setup, Customization & Implementation

We help companies choose, implement, customize, optimize and train their employees on using a cloud-based CRM. Then we geek out and integrate it with various web-based systems, such as your accounting platform, Email marketing campaigns, online forms, your website, or others.


Sales & Marketing Automation Funnels

Lead generation, nurturing, and automated follow-ups

Time is money and your most valuable asset, so we help you use it wisely. By helping companies automate part or all of their sales and marketing process, we free more of their time, so they can focus it on other key parts of their business.

E-Commerce: Online Sales & Fulfillment Setup

The technology, tools and training to fulfill client orders

You want clients, not just a fancy shopping cart system. You also want to easily manage, process and ship orders – not just make a sale. We help our clients in implementing a full online sales process.

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Next Level Project Management Systems

Tasks, documents, communication, etc. all in one place

Do you manage complex projects? Involving many people and many requirements? Let our team help you choose, customize and implement an easy-to-use, web-based project management system to help you get your projects done faster, and with less errors.

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