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What Is UX, the User Experience?

The term UX (User eXperience) refers to the quality of the user’s experience in any interaction situation. UX refers to the overall experience felt by the user when using an interface, a digital device or more broadly interacting with any device or service. UX is therefore to be differentiated from ergonomics and usability.

To put it simply and at the risk of being simplistic, UX is the User experience, experienced in the totality of the interaction.

It is difficult to produce an ultimate and fixed definition of what UX is… and so much the better. It is agreed that UX is based as much on usability (the “ease of use” of an interface) as on the emotional impact felt. These two aspects of the user experience are essential and inseparable to qualify an experience as “good UX”.


What Is the Difference Between UX and Usability?

It is the user’s experience that distinguishes UX from usability, opening up a much wider field than the proper use of an interface and linking disciplines that interpenetrate each other (UI Design, information architecture, interaction design, HMI, service design, etc.) as seen in the schematics and diagrams of the UX domains (below).

UX is therefore not strictly pragmatic like usability is. It involves the emotional impact felt during interaction, and even includes the anticipation of use, as Donald Norman, the first to use this expression, pointed out in this very famous quote: UX is “the responses and perceptions of a person that result from the use or anticipation of the use of a product, service or system”.

Why Brandria Agency For Your UI/UX Creation

It’s better to say it like it is: UX is everywhere for the multi-users that we are. This Brandria Vision,  UX explains the place it occupies today, to the point where it has become a major trend that interests each and every one of us, and concerns all sectors, far beyond the digital. UX has become a buzzword.

We at Brandria create stunning and unique UI/UX to match your business needs, products or service you are offering. Which in return makes you stand above the competition shoulders.

We can distinguish strict usability criteria (the interface is expected to be useful, usable, used, easy to find, accessible, etc.), from criteria operating in a service context (the interface is expected to be effective, desirable, credible and pleasant). These are distinctions that are sometimes useful and sometimes not. In any case, the challenge is to achieve the best possible user experience.

On the “designer” side, there are many methods that can be applied to evaluate the UX and thus optimize it. This is a requirement that applies throughout the design of the interface or the reflection on a service. Of course, each organization will focus on a particular approach depending on the nature of the project but also on its own culture.

There is a consensus that user satisfaction is linked to the quality of the service or interface experience, in the broadest sense of the term “experience”.