Anchor Text Types For SEO

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Anchor text is an extremely powerful tool in the world of search engine optimization, but it can be intimidating to dive into without knowing exactly what it is or how to use it to your advantage. In this article, we will discuss four different types of anchor text that you should make sure are included in your SEO strategy.

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What Is Anchor Text?

Anchor text refers clickable certain piece of text within a webpage or website, like this . Am linking my Homepage using the Anchor Text “Like This” . Anchor Text is one of the most common terminologies in SEO industry. In this Article we will discuss together the best Anchor Text Types For Your Search Engine Optimization Efforts.

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Anchor Text Explained

Anchor text is the clickable element within body of the article, anchor text can be internally or externally. Which means, you can link to page within your website (Internal Link) Or Link to another webpage (External Link). Anchor text, must be descriptive and precise. Like.

Obviously, you can guess what pages you will land on after clicking on those links. Contact us page should take you to contact details and SEO Agency, supposedly, to link to service page and so on. Link text appearance and color can be easily site-wide controlled from HTML and CSS files of your websites. The main Goal of Anchor Text, to provide both users and search engines a context about the linked page. If am linking out to page using the following anchors “Apple” , “Ipad”, “Iphone” , “Steve Jobs”.

Apparently, the linked page is something about Apple products. This is what the Anchor text intended to do.

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Types Of Anchor Text In SEO

Exact-Match Anchor

Exact match anchors are keywords that match your URL exactly. These are also known as keyword-rich anchors, and they’re used most often by small businesses without a lot of money to spend on their site. If you run a neighborhood ice cream shop called Scoops, you might use anchor text like “ice cream parlor” or “scoops ice cream” on links leading to your website. Note that exact match anchors are still useful even if you have brand awareness—it’s just more likely that someone will remember Scoops than Jane’s Ice Cream Shop.

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Partial Match

People tend to link most often with partial match anchor text when linking internally. This is understandable given that there’s less effort involved in typing a partial match than exact match (which can contain more characters). But don’t rely solely on partial match anchors to link internally; while they may be easier, they’re also less powerful. Whenever possible, use a exact match instead. To reinforce the overall website content scheme.

Branded Anchors

The name reflects that type of anchor text. Branded anchors, are type of anchors that linked using the brand name itself. For example, If am running an online store about Sports shoes and my website is called, a perfect example of branded anchor text, can be “Cool Shoes”, “Cool Shoes Website”.

All those anchors are branded anchor text.

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In that type of anchor text linking, we link using the domain name itself. like , .

Generic Anchor

Generic Anchors, are type of clickable links that carry no specific context or meaning, just generic words like : Click here, Check this website, Check this out, and many more examples.

Image links, are links within images. Google identifies the anchor text of link from image alt attribute.

SEO Best Practices For Anchor Text

To maintain your content relevancy and topical authority, preferrably to use anchor text that are:

  • Relevant to the linked page
  • Short and descriptive
  • Don’t link using generic anchors (Whenever possible)

A Good reminder,

Since, we do not have any control of how other websites link back to ours. This guide, for webmasters to use these best anchor text practices in internal linking to other webpages within the same website.

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What Is the Difference Between Anchor Text and Keyword?

In the context of SEOanchor text refers to the text that appears in the link (i.e., click here). What makes anchor text different from keyword is that keyword usually refers to a specific word or phrase that you want your website to rank for.

In other words, you’re selecting a single keyword and going after it with everything you’ve got. On the other hand, anchor text refers to links between two web pages; they are links within those pages.

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What Is an Example of Anchor Text?

An anchor text is any word or phrase that links to a web page. Anchor text is what a visitor clicks on to visit your site, so it’s important for your business that you choose an appropriate link. There are different ways to describe what an anchor text is, depending on who you’re talking to.