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 Bringing Your Vision to Life Through Compelling Documentaries and Professional Videos

Motion and video are essential investments for every brand aspiring to flourish professionally. Our professional and talented motion and video team is highly skilled and can help you create unique documentaries and videos to tell your story, attract new customers, and increase your business’s reputation.

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Why Invest in Professional Motion and Video?

Professional marketing motion and video can help you communicate your unique value proposition, showcase your expertise, and engage your audience. Research has shown that 72% of customers would rather learn through video content than through text. Plus, video content can help increase traffic by up to 41%.

Did You Know ?

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A study by MotionCue shows that 89% of our customers said that product or service explainer videos help them make a buying decision.
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Creative website designs have a significant role in attracting customers, as 94% of customers leave websites with poor creative designs.
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Social media posts with creatives increase engagement by 650% compared to posts without creatives.

Our Process

At Brandria, we take pride in our family of professional and talented motion and video specialists. High-quality video content is vital for every brand to shine in a competitive market. Here’s how we produce our unmatched content:


Planning of video production includes identifying the goals and objectives of the professional video, developing a script and a storyboard, selecting locations, equipment, and actors, and setting the project’s budget and timeline.


This stage involves filming the video, setting up the equipment, and capturing the footage according to the script and storyboard. This stage also involves directing and capturing multiple takes.


The editing phase of video production includes reviewing, selecting the best footage, and editing it by adding music, sound effects, voice-overs, and more.


The final phase of the process involves publishing the final motion and video project on various channels.

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Q1. Why are professional motion and video important for my business?

A: Any brand looking to succeed in today’s market must invest in professional motion and video content. It can help you communicate your unique value proposition, demonstrate your expertise, and engage your audience.

Q2. What types of video services do you offer?

A: Among our video production services are documentary video production, commercial video production, event video production, corporate video production, and social media video production.

Q3. How do you measure the success of video content?

A: We measure video content’s success using metrics and tools, including views, engagements, conversions, and click-through rates.

Q4. How long does it take to complete a video production project?

A: The duration of a video production project varies depending on your goals and requirements.

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