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Boost your customers' experience with an eye-catching UI & UX design

Visuals entice our brains to take action and recommend services to our peers. Our UI & UX service ensures you create visually unique websites and applications that appeal to your target audience and promote growth. Discover a new world envisioned by our talented visual artists.

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Why Invest in UI & UX Design with Brandria?

Visuals are the first thing to communicate with the brain in the first few milliseconds of checking out a brand’s application or website. An easily navigable website sells and creates long-lasting customer relationships and loyalty.

The primary top 5 benefits of adopting a good UI & UX design are creating better functionality for your websites and apps, increasing revenue in the long run, building a strong relationship between your clients and partners, increasing engagement of your websites and social media, saving money, time, and effort, and improving your return on investment (ROI).

Hiring a digital marketing agency to execute your UI & UX vision ensures better delivery of your brand identity through visuals on your websites and apps. It enhances your brand strategy by creating an outstanding experience for your customers.

As a digital marketing agency in Egypt, we help our clients outshine their competitors and establish lasting relationships with their customers. With our UI & UX design service, we can ensure that our clients have a visually stunning design that functions seamlessly.

Did you know?

A good UI/UX design can increase conversion by up to 400% of a website that doesn’t implement a stunning UI/UX.
of people would be less likely to make a purchase, and 36% would be less likely to return to the website if they had to wait longer than expected.
of people would stop interacting with the brand after one bad experience.
Loss in conversion rates every additional second of waiting causes
The return on UX investment

Our Process

At Brandria, we offer UI/UX design as a service to help you create a strong online presence and ensure a high return on investment. Our UI/UX design process consists of

Discovery and Analysis

We begin by researching your company, target audience, and competitors in-depth. This process includes identifying your company’s goals and objectives, understanding your target audience’s demands and habits, and studying your rivals’ digital experiences. This allows us to obtain a thorough understanding of your company and guarantees that our design solutions are in line with your goals.

Wireframing and Prototyping

We create wireframes and interactive prototypes. These help visualize the digital experience’s structure and test the user flow. We continuously iterate and refine the wireframes and prototypes until the design meets your business objectives and the needs of your target audience.

Visual Design

We move to the visual design phase once the wireframes and prototypes are approved. This includes creating a visually appealing design aligned with your brand identity and optimized for usability.

Development and Testing

After completing the visual design, we work closely with our development team to bring the digital experience to life. We continuously test the design across multiple devices and platforms to ensure it is responsive and optimized for all users.

Launch and Optimization

We monitor the performance and gather feedback from users. This helps us identify areas for improvement and optimization and ensures that your digital experience is always up-to-date and effective.


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What is UI/UX design, and why is it important for my business website?
A: UI/UX is the process of designing user interfaces and experiences for websites, applications, or software. It can significantly impact the user’s experience, engagement, and satisfaction. A well-designed UI/UX also increases conversions, builds trust, and improves brand perception.
How long does the UI/UX design process take?
A: The duration of the UI/UX design process depends on the project’s complexity and your brand’s requirements. On average, it can take 4–8 weeks to complete the design wireframing and prototyping.
How involved will I be in the UI/UX design process?
A: We encourage our clients to be involved in the design process, as their vision is essential to their brand identity. We work closely with you to understand your needs, preferences, and feedback throughout the design process, ensuring the final design meets your expectations.
How much does your UI/UX design service cost?
A: The cost of our UI/UX design service depends on the project’s complexity and scope. We provide a detailed project proposal with a cost breakdown and timeline.

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