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Visualize your brand identity and create an immaculate personification of your brand

Brand design is a vital process of brand strategy that involves visualizing your vision, statements, and concepts. It is what makes your brand unique and recognizable. It highlights your creativity and ideas. It goes beyond mere logos and motion; it can be everything surrounding your brand, extending to even interior designs; it is how your audience and the public perceive your brand and how you can express your business in both the physical and digital worlds. 

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Why invest in branding design from Brandria ?

Brand design plays a key role in growing your brand, as it increases customer recognition and showcases consistency between all your marketing and sales channels, both in the offline and online spaces. As a rule of thumb, it’s generally a good idea to build a catchy and attractive brand design to build consistency and credibility, thus improving and enhancing your business’s value. And as a side effect, a good brand design is a superb way of attracting talent to your business.

Designs can also extend to your apps and websites; creating a compelling and unique UI/UX is quite a challenge, but once you get the hang of it, your customers will be accustomed to and attracted to your designs, associating your brand with trust and authenticity. 

The primary elements of brand designs consist of: 

The brand design consists of primary pillars that can make or break your brand identity; grouping them forms an immaculate, compelling, and engaging brand identity that you can use on every item, product, service, office, vehicle, billboard, brochure, ad, or really anything that is associated with your brand. 

Did You Know ?

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According to Loyola, Colors increase brand recognition by 80%, thus making the brand more identifiable and recognizable. 
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According to Reboot, 81% of customers are more likely to remember a brand’s logo and colors than its name. 
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According to the US Chamber of Commerce, 55% of brands' impressions are visual, it creates lasting impressions and has the chance of grabbing the attention of customers faster. 

What is our brand design process?


What are your brand’s value and mission, how can we encapsulate them into visual art? ​


The process of creating logos, graphics, typography, choosing color pallets, and what can give your brand a unique character.​


Implementing your brand design into the real world and displaying its glory.


Measure your brand design’s success, assess what went right and what went wrong, and repeat till you perfect your strategy

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What is a brand design, and why is it important for my business?

Brand design refers to creating a consistent and visually appealing brand identity that reflects your business’s values and personality. It’s essential for your business because it helps you establish a strong brand identity, stand out from competitors, and create a memorable impression with potential customers.

What does a typical brand design project involve?

A brand design project typically involves researching your target audience, developing a brand strategy, creating a brand identity that includes a logo, color palette, typography, and other visual elements, and creating brand guidelines to ensure consistency across all marketing materials.

How long does it take to complete a brand design project?

The duration of a brand design project varies depending on the complexity of the project and the number of revisions needed. Generally, a brand design project can take several weeks to months.

How do you measure the success of a brand design project?

The success of a brand design project can be measured through various metrics such as increased brand recognition, improved brand loyalty, increased sales, and increased customer engagement. 

How much does brand design cost, and how can I determine my budget?

The cost of brand design services varies depending on the project’s scope. We offer a detailed project proposal with a cost breakdown.

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