Package Design

Let your package silently market your brand

Your packages are one of the most interesting spaces to advertise your brand. As your product ships to your customers, it can continue your brand’s buyer journey on its own for a long time, and it can communicate with the customer as it sits silently on a shelf or is recycled. Think of Amazon. Its package is so simple yet iconic and reflects the reliability and power of the brand. At Brandria, we’ll transform your package into a creative canvas.


Why Invest in Package Design?

Package design enforces your brand identity and screams “Buy Me!”It takes less than one second for your brand to be recognized by an attractive and catchy package design. Bonus points if your package is eco-friendly and sustainable for reuse; other than being cheaper to manufacture, it reflects your brand values and mission and gives a premium feel to your product.

Remember the popularity your brand will gain from an attractive box on social media, as for the past decade, unboxing videos have become the norm for people to watch before buying a product.

Our Process

 In general, package design is a form of art on its own. It can take weeks or even months to create a box that encapsulates the essence of your brand. Take Apple as an example. Part of the experience of buying an iPhone is the unboxing, which captures the minimalism and premium aspects of Apple.

Our process extends to:

The primary elements that make for a great packaging design are:

The colors of your packaging should be the same as your brand design’s colors, as consumers tend to recognize a brand’s colors faster than its name.

Your Package should contain interesting graphics and doodles to catch your customer’s attention.

Everybody can draft an article, a social media post, or an email, so what makes your words unique? Your tone of voice! It is how you communicate with your audience, how you reach them and convince them to buy your products and services, and how you can provide them with valuable information and content. A mess-up in your tone of voice is a risk of losing valuable leads and customers. 

Your Package shouldn’t be hard to open and reuse – it’s not rocket science, after all – so eliminate all the complications surrounding your box.

Studies indicate that packages lacking these elements are more likely to be returned, and the product will feel like a cheap replica.

Studies indicate that packages that lack these elements are more likely to be returned and that the product will feel like a cheap replica.

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Q1: What is package design, and why is it important for my product?

A: Package design is the process of creating the packaging for a product. It’s essential for your product because it’s the first thing consumers see and can influence their purchase decision. Good package design can help your product stand out on the shelf and communicate the value of your product.

Q2: What does a typical package design project involve?

A: A package design project typically involves researching your target audience, creating a design concept, developing the design, and testing the design to ensure it’s effective in the marketplace.

Q3: How long does it take to complete a package design project?

A: The duration of a package design project varies depending on the complexity of the design and the number of revisions needed. A package design project can typically take several weeks to several months to complete.

Q4: How do you measure the success of a package design project?

Q4: How do you measure the success of a package design project?

A: The success of a package design project can be measured through various metrics such as increased sales, improved brand recognition, and increased customer satisfaction. 

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