Reach your target audience through traditional marketing channels

It’s easy to overlook the power of offline marketing in a world where digital marketing is predominant. However, traditional marketing channels, such as print advertising, direct mail, events, and outdoor advertising, are still very effective in reaching and engaging your audience.

Did You Know ?

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79% of consumers act on direct mail immediately, compared to only 45% who act on email.
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40% of consumers attend events to learn about new products and services.
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71% of people remember outdoor ads they see.

Why invest in Offline Campaigns with Brandria?

Partnering with Egypt’s leading digital marketing agency can help you bring your unique brand vision to life. Our team works with you to create a seamlessly integrated offline campaign that aligns with your brand’s strategy and values and provides powerful marketing tools to drive customer action and improves awareness.

With more than two decades of experience in traditional marketing, we understand the significance of creating a cohesive and effective offline marketing campaign that reaches your audiences. Our offline campaigns services offer a range of benefits, including:

What is our campaigns process?

Our offline campaigns process is as follows:


Defining your target audience and campaign objectives


Developing creative concepts that align with your brand identity


Choosing the right offline marketing channels for your campaign


Implementing and executing the campaign


Tracking and measuring the campaign’s performance


Analyzing the results and making data-driven decisions for future campaigns

Being a leading digital marketing agency in Egypt, we help our clients establish a strong online and offline presence and reach their target audience. Our offline campaign services help you reach your target audience with extended visibility to people worldwide. An integrated offline campaign can significantly impact the success of your digital marketing campaign, and we are committed to delivering results that exceed limits.

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Reach your target audience through traditional marketing channels.
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What are offline campaigns, and why are they important for my business?

Offline campaigns involve traditional marketing channels, such as print advertising, direct mail, events, and outdoor advertising. They are critical for your business as they can increase your brand awareness and visibility, improve customer engagement and retention, and access a wider audience that may not be reachable online.

How long does the offline campaign process take?

On average, it can take 2–6 months to complete the process, based on the project’s complexity and scope of requirement.

How much does your offline campaign service cost?

The cost of our offline campaign service varies based on the project. We provide a detailed project proposal with a cost breakdown and timeline.

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