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Anticipate the Questions of Your Future Customers

The Purchasing Process at the Heart of the Editorial Strategy

Your content strategy will need to answer the different questions your prospect is asking, regardless of his profile and maturity. Whether they are in the discovery, consideration or decision phase, they must be able to find information on your website that will allow them to make progress in their reflection.

If your content answers the questions of your audience in a relevant way, a relationship of trust will be established. This relationship will then be able to assert itself through lead nurturing and lead to conversion. This is called the principle of coherence.

The lifespan of a content can be several years, which is why, according to Demand Metric, content marketing costs up to 62% less than traditional marketing tools… by bringing almost three times as many leads!

Implementation of a Content Creation Process

You will then have to plan and produce the various contents identified as relevant to your personas. We strongly recommend that you formalize an editorial planning shared by all the actors involved in the content creation process. No need for complex tools, a simple Excel document will do the trick. Don’t forget to specify to which persona and to which phase of the buyer journey each content corresponds.


Definition of Targets and Objectives

Depending on your target, you need to define your main long-term objectives: customer commitments, loyalty, improvement of the bounce rate, optimization of natural referencing and choice of keywords…

SMART goal setting will allow you to accurately quantify the expected results.
You can then decide on an action plan. What if you carry out a retro planning to have a chronological vision of your content strategy?

How to Choose the Right Types of Content?

If some of them don’t meet all your current quality criteria, why not replace them? Then think about your target audience’s expectations in terms of content. What might they want to read after consulting a first article on a given topic? What text would be worth reading in a second article?

As one topic leads to another, the editorial strategy can be mapped using a mindmap. This will allow you to visualize how content flows from one another, and which content could be offered to an identified reader based on his or her customer experience.

What Is Included in a Content Strategy?

A content strategy allows a company’s positioning to be based on specific themes. It involves the creation and distribution, through a brand, of informative, useful or entertaining media content, which can be presented in the form of news, videos, white papers, digital books, computer graphics, case studies, practical guides, question-and-answer systems, photos, forums, corporate blogs, etc.

The content strategy is a concrete game plan to activate content marketing and inbound marketing. It is more often digital, but can also include so-called traditional touch points.

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