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Content Strategy

Modern strategies for creating compelling content that engages, educates, and converts.

It’s content’s time to shine. We have a deep understanding of how to create, prioritize, and distribute content that connects with your audience.

Why content marketing strategy.

Why content marketing strategy is so essential in 2022?

Increased brand awareness & customer loyalty

Creating consistent, valuable content allows you to form stronger relationships with your desired audience. When a customer trusts your content, they are more likely to become loyal to your brand and become a brand advocate.

More traffic.

Content marketing leaders experience 7.8 times more site traffic than non-leaders. The way to become a content marketing example? Craft compelling, valuable content your readers want.

Better search engine rankings thanks to focused content.

Creating quality content specifically for your intended audience increases traffic to your site, which improves your site’s authority and relevance and in return you get more visits and more quality leads.

More accurate goal setting and tracking.

Your content is also only as good as your ability to measure it. A content marketing strategy establishes your content’s goals so you can track, measure, and assess whether the content is effective.

Become an authority to your customers.

Each piece of valuable content you create and share helps build up your reputation as a helpful resource. When you do this consistently, customers (potential and existing) start to consult you as an authority

Content Marketing Strategy agency in Egypt

Your personalized content strategy will align with your brand guidelines, voice, and style while pursuing your overall business goals. We’ll help you determine the timing of its creation, how much should be produced, where it should be promoted, and how your audience will engage with it.

Statistics About Content Strategy

Did you know that

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Credibility is one of the most important factors to increase awareness of your brand and to increase sales, and valuable content supports credibility and trust 87% of buyers give more credibility when content is shared by an industry influencer.
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When you provide valuable content, customers will interact with your company and be 70% closer to your business.
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Positive customer views of your company increase by 82% after providing valuable and specialized content.
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of buyers consider content to be the most reliable metric when evaluating companies compared to their offerings.​
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of Internet users have stopped reading content that appears to be part of sales.
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According to studies, Internet users prefer to know more details about your products and services through valuable content by 70% compared to traditional advertisements.

A strong content marketing strategy answers these questions:

Our Approach

Content marketing strategy Process


Business goals

Business goals to see how we can align your content to achieve them.



content audits, persona research, user journey analysis, content gap analysis, competitor research.



mapping content to the user journey, SEO strategy, editorial planning, social media strategy, user experience.



creating content, content management, distribution, and promotion plans.



analysis and optimization.

Content Strategy Services

Explore Content Strategy services

Keyword and industry research.

Share of voice analysis.

Buyer persona identification & buildout.

Content engagement plans.

Providing customized reporting.

Content and copywriting

Words that convert visitors into customers, reaching the right audience in the right place.


A full suite of SEO essentials to make your site work hard. Conversion optimization to make sure the traffic you’re attracting is converting. Helping you understand what conversion means to your business and goals. Whether it’s a sale or a newsletter sign-up, we’ll make sure your site is doing everything possible to optimize for conversions.

Why Brandria for Content marketing strategy

Our highly experienced specialist team can help you get the most out of your digital marketing activity, whether you are starting from scratch or looking to improve results. We are confident that our experience, knowledge, and technology can help you succeed in the digital space.
Our digital marketing team has all bases covered when it comes to content strategy. We have the skills in-house to help boost your SEO, Social Media, Copywriting, and Paid Advertising efforts.