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Web Development

Clean code, page speed, and optimal conversions - our web development services in a nutshell.

Taking the lead in a fierece competition can be easily done with Brandria on of the top web development companies in Egypt. Our approach is different, we mainly focus on Performance, security and scalability. What makes us web development company in Egypt, is that we can build any kind of websites of any size that can fits any business. 
We create Websites that uses Common CMSs like WordPress, as well as, Custom websites as per your needs and business objectives. And most importantly, that we create our websites with SEO endeavours in mind. Which means your Core Web Vitals score will meet the Google’ CWT threshold. Let’s know why Brandria is the best web development agency in Egypt.

Why website is essential for your business?

Builds creditability

Having a website can help your business increase flexibility and gain creditability and trust with clients through a professional website.


Wider audience reach

Having a website helps you expand your target audience and make deals with customers who are far away from your business location. Also, a website can be accessible 24*7 without any break or holidays.

Promote your business

Each piece of valuable content you create and share helps build up your reputation as a helpful resource. When you do this consistently, customers (potential and existing) start to consult you as an authority when they have questions or are ready to make a purchase.

Keep track of your business

Another benefit of having a website is that you can keep track of your products or services in real-time by checking web visitor data. You can find which products draw the most attention.

Promote your business

Customers always love instant feedback from businesses about the issue they face. a website can help you improve your customer service by immediately processing customers’ complaints and feedback.

Statistics About Web Development

Did you know that

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If your site contains videos, users are more than 88% more likely to stay there and engage with your content.
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Around 39% of the audience will stop interacting with your site if the images take a large time to load.
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According to Google, 61% of users are likely NOT to return to your site from mobile if they encounter problems
Web Development Services

Web Development Services In Egypt

Front end development

Front end or client-side development is the practice of managing everything that users visually see first in their application or browser.

Back-end development

Backend or server-side development is responsible for managing data to ensure everything on the client-side actually works.

Custom web development services for the enterprises

Whatever your enterprise needs, We can craft a tailor solution that drives your internal & external business objectives

Web application development services

Web app development is the creation of apps that exist on servers. A web app doesn't need to be downloaded to access it.

E-commerce services

Fast and responsive ecommerce websites that engage the users and convert them into paying customers

Web Development

Why Brandria Is one of the best web development companies in Egypt

We are not Only one of the Best Web Development Companies in Egypt, but we are Creative Web design company in Egypt also. Due to the fact that we create websites that reflects your brand identity, your business obejectives and extend your offline business.

As well as, we have the right skillset and best website developers in Egypt, who creates a real digital asset that help businesses to hack their growth, increase their sales and increase their traffic.


Our Approach

Our Web Development Company In Egypt Workflow


Kick-off stage

At this stage, our experts translate your business requirements into technical documents for your web solution. we also gather the team, and its designers to create a basic design. this stage lays the foundation for the entire project.


Planning Stage

Our Skilled Developers in Egypt, begin figuring out what technologies, frameworks and features will be uses and developed for the client. Which we already collected from kick-off stage. 


UI/UX Design

In that Stage we brainstorm ideas for website design, color color palettes that will align with brand identity, fonts and main website elements that interacts with User experience


Development Stage

As it sounds from the title, here we begin Development for the client website as per our guidelines and insights we had from the previous stages. 


Website Deployment

Deployment is a Website Development term that refers to the action of setting-up the application/website on a production/testing server. To ensure that the whole website is functioning properly as intended in the development phase.



Here, we monitor the website for any issues that may arise, bugs in the code itself or any misconfiguration that can hold the website back from working properly. As well as, updating the website whenever we get notified about any future updates.